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Changing your life with the Domino effect

I usually get home late and mostly tired. This usually affects how I end up sleeping, I sometimes literally crawl to bed and that also affects how I feel when I wake up. Then I learned this concept that says, self-discipline is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the more it grows. When you pick an action, an easy but positive action and focus on making it into a habit, focus on doing it every single day, your self-discipline grows and you can then go ahead to do something that demands a higher level of self-discipline.

I decided to put this into practice. I decided to take a cold shower every evening after work. No matter how tired I was, no matter the excuse, I was going to do that for 30 days. Hopefully it would’ve become a habit then.

What happened?

I did it the first day but before I took my shower, I thought to myself, why not do a few push ups before I shower. I did, I felt good about myself, I felt more positive. After taking my shower, I realized I felt much refreshed and energetic enough to stay up a few more hours. I also felt I had to lay my bed properly since I’ve taken a nice shower and I’m preparing myself for a good night sleep. So I laid my bed, swept my room after that. Then I sat down to work on a project before finally sleeping. I woke up the next day feeling mentally and physically active. A lot of positive things happened and it continued every time I forced my lazy self to take a cold shower; most especially on days I felt so reluctant.

A chain of events begin with an event.

As you can see, it all begun with a single good action. It happens to us all but we do not always notice it. It’s the domino effect. Like how a lot of dominoes fall at the tap of one domino. The good thing is, you can always start it if you know what it is and how to use it. It can also work against us unknowingly. One bad action can start a long chain of events that can harm us.

Why try it? it’s one of those motivational thoughts that don’t last — wrong!

Try to look at things differently. Even if you practice it and you happen to stay positive; continuously doing good things for just a day, you’re better off than someone who doesn’t try it because he/she thinks it won’t last.

Moreover, you can always start it! That’s the beauty of it. You can always start with a small positive action that will light you up. With time it’ll become part of you but even if you don’t believe that, just knowing that you can always trigger a chain of positive actions should lighten you up.

Still don’t know how?

Try it right now! Do something very simple but positive, keep that positive feeling and let it lead you to do another positive thing. Just keep going 🙂 Don’t be skeptical, try it! Now!

Take out some dominoes to stop the flow of bad domino effect

You can break a chain of bad events by stopping a small action you take. Let’s take a scenario. You have a bad habit of going to work late everyday. You get to work stressed from all the traffic jam and noise out there and everything gets so messy for the rest of the day. It could be that all you need to do is put your phone aside for an hour every morning. Maybe social media takes your time so subtly you do not realize. That small action can trigger a backward domino flow or simply break the current flow.

Hope this helps you become a little better than you are. Always make sure you’re the best version of yourself and always strive to be better tomorrow than you were yesterday or Today. Stay blessed! 😀


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