How I passed my exams tho I’m a lazy student

This may sound like a superpower to you. You’re thinking: this guy gotta be kidding me. Listen to me first before you conclude.

For starters, everyone is different so instead of talking about how I did it, I’ll keep it general by talking about it from a “how to do it” stand point.

Get this straight 

Get this straight. I’m not going to tell you to sleep all day. I was lazy but I wasn’t dumb. I was just lazy at learning hard.

What I’m going to talk to you about, is how to use less effort in passing your exam.

Use your strengths 

You need to harness your strengths in doing this. Everyone has a way of learning depending on their strengths in different areas.

For instance, I may be more logically intelligent whereas you maybe a visually intelligent person (spatially intelligent). You need to know what your strengths are in terms of how your brain works. Try some online tests to know more about your mental strengths.

Learning style

Now that you have a clue about your mental strengths, you can probably tell which learning style suits you. They include:

  • visual
  • auditory
  • kinesthetic


Visual learners tend to think in pictures and may get bored during lectures or reading text books. If you fall in this category, then you should try converting your notes into pictures. It might even be fun for you and the whole learning process will change for you. For instance, instead of writing “ohm’S states that the current through a conductor is the ratio of voltage across it to its resistance”, try drawing a conductor, draw some lightning as current… get creative and you won’t struggle.

Also, you can try the plain-ol flash card trick. Apply your creativity and make each card carry a 1000 words – a picture.


These kind of learners make use of their ears the most as you may have guessed. If you fall in this category, then you have to be a good student. Yeah you’re lazy but that’s the main reason why you should do this. Do what? Go for lectures and sit in front – first row. Make sure you’re listening. If you can record, that’ll be great.

You should also read important sections of your lecture notes and record them. (You can let your crush record with her voice 😉 )

All you have to do is listen to your notes leisurely while your friends study hard at the library.


These are learners that need a touch of the real deal. College won’t favour you if you choose a course that has too much reading. You should stop memorizing your notes, that’s not your style. Think of how to get practical.

Suppose you learn how to knot a tie, you have to do it yourself and that’s it. If you can practice more, you wouldn’t need to learn so hard.

Let’s take an example. Say you’re taught an abstract topic like how digestion occurs. Instead of reading your notes for 2 hours, you can watch a 3D video on the full process for 15 minutes. (This is more visual than kinesthetic but that’s because it’s a topic you can’t easily practicalize. If it’s music, then get the instrument, if it’s electronics, get the components) .

Ok, now you are mad because this is more work. A lazy person won’t do this. But think about it, you’re basically gonna have fun, not sit down for hours just learning and getting bored. Happy school days. 🙂



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